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Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms

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This course will teach you the fundamentals that are required to master data structures and algorithms. This course includes the theory that is important to understand various concepts such as Space-Time Complexity, Binary and Decimal Number Systems, operations on the bit level and how bits work, etc.

Please make sure that you have worked with Java programming language before. Just in case you are new to Java programming language or you haven't worked with Java before, do checkout the Master Java course.

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Course Structure

21 Lessons4h 14m 24s

  • What is DSA?

    8m 32s

  • Space Time Complexity


  • Constant Space Time Complexity - O(1)

    8m 28s

  • Linear Space Time Complexity - O(n)

    17m 8s

  • Logarithmic Space Time Complexity - O(log n)

    15m 35s

  • Quadratic and Cubic Space Time Complexity

    9m 24s

  • Quick Recap

    3m 41s